Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Viggo was robbed!

Sometimes I really don't understand my fellow members of the Romantic Novelists' Association.

They recently took part in a poll to find our favourite celebrity hero - and Viggo Mortensen wasn't on it!!!

It's true - I have scrutinised the list, I have checked out photos (just in case he was in disguise, you understand), and he simply isn't there. How? I know I voted for him. I based my hero in Stage by Stage on him. Forget Arwen, I'd give up immortality in the blink of an eye for him.

So, sorry Viggo, you were robbed, but at least it means I get to keep you all for myself, right?

Oh - if anybody would like the top ten celebrity heroes list, it's here:

Members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association have voted Johnny Depp as the Number One Perfect Romantic Hero in a poll to mark Valentine’s Day. According to these authors, a romantic hero should be gorgeous, deliciously sexy, intensely masculine and have a commanding presence.

The top ten male celebrities voted the Perfect Romantic Hero were:

1. Johnny Depp
2. Daniel Craig
3. Sean Bean
4. Richard Armitage
5. Hugh Jackman
6. Colin Firth
7. Alan Rickman
8. Pierce Brosnan
9. George Clooney
10. David Tennant

And in the over-fifties category:

1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Harrison Ford
3. Ranulph Fiennes
4. Bill Nighy
5. Liam Neeson
6. Sam Neill
7. Sean Connery
8. Peter O’Toole
9. Clint Eastwood
10. Omar Sharif


Jane Henry said...

Jan, he's on my personal top ten though!!! But at least five of my heroes made it into the list...

Jan Jones said...

Mmmm, nice list!