Monday, 17 November 2008

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

On Tuesday 18th November, I shall be on the beautiful and talented Sue Dougan's programme on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to talk about Fair Deception and Regency Newmarket.

My slot will be between 3pm and 3.30pm, so pop the kettle on and have a listen.

With any luck the studio webcam won't be working, but I'll put on a posh top, just in case...


Lori x said...

Good luck Jan - unfortunately this is exactly the time I will be doing the school run (or walk) so I will miss it! I'll tune in as soon as I'm back in so if you've managed to keep talking I may get the end of it!

womagwriter said...

How exciting! Good luck.

I just read your website. Spookily you did the same A levels and took the same initial career path as I did. Glad to meet a fellow maths & computing boffin writer! (Though I still work in computing :-( )

Jan Jones said...

Well, I survived, despite an urgent phone call from the producer asking if I could get there an hour early to take part in a topical discussion because the guest who was supposed to be there had lost her voice! So off I charged - without half my notes - so fast that the Red Light Traffic Goblins were completely caught out and failed to stop me getting to the studio on time.

The producer gave me a CD of the show, which I'll ask techie son to do something clever with at the weekend and hopefully get it up on the website.

Jan Jones said...

Womag - see, I knew we were kindred spirits!