Friday, 9 January 2009

Mostly London

It's nice to escape now and again. Yesterday's escape was to the Sugar and Slavery exhibition at the London Docklands Museum for the next book. A couple of the prints really 'spoke' to me - and when the lights went out and the voices started speaking from all around the gallery... Wow. Very effective indeed!

And then it was on to Brick Lane where my RNA friend Jean Fullerton was having her launch party for No Cure For Love. Lovely bookshop, lovely people, very nice wine and food, and Jean sold out in minutes!


liz fenwick said...

Great photo! Totally jealous that you could be there!! Hopefully Julie picked up my copy for me :-)

Jan Jones said...

Well, I did see Julie carrying two books around, Liz, so maybe one of those was yours!

KAREN said...

Sounds lovely - I haven't been into London for ages. I really like the research part of writing...I'm currently looking up Country Houses on the Interweb!