Thursday, 1 October 2009

Tick, tick, tick

7 copies of short story manuscript, ready to win me £25,000, all parcelled up ready for the post - tick

16 sets of 5 handouts for Writing Romance course in Stoke - tick

course notes - tick

comfortable clothes to travel in - tick

posh clothes to give course in - tick

box of my books to sell having convinced coursees during the day of my brilliance, wit and readability - tick

Other half of bedroom that we didn't take to Uni house last week - tick
er, apart from the computer
and the frozen food
and the stuff in the fridge
and her pillows

So that's
tick-ish, then


Debs said...

Phew, you've been busy.

Hope the course goes well. I'm sure they'll be buying your books by the dozen, you write beautifully.

Shirley Wells said...

Well done on all those ticks. And I agree with Debs, you'll sell dozens of books. Good luck!

Nicola Slade said...

Haven't sent my story yet, suspect my usual "fluffy and romantic with murder and laughs on the side" isnt' what they'll be looking for! But good luck to both of us. And for the Stoke course too, though you'll be great.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks all. It's a bit like the swan gliding along with feet pedalling madly at the moment!

Will report tomorrow re course.

Karen said...

Hope it went well! Looking forward to hearing about it :o)