Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

Having spent October and November in Christmas-denial (I get so cross when shops start decorating early!), the festive season has now suddenly snuck up on me. Unfortunately, a stinking cold has also decided to visit, meaning that I have never been less prepared!

However, the tree is now up

the cards are up

the lights are up

and even my mini-tree is on the kitchen windowsill.

Just the presents to go then. And the cleaning. And the shopping. And the cooking...

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!


Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Oh I'm with you on that. I festooned the house with fairy lights weeks ago, but that's just because I'll take any excuse to put up fairy lights (sometimes I wonder if I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body). But all the rest? Er, no. I SO need to get my baking done but I'm still sitting here messing about on Twitter instead!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, lovely tree and decorations, Jan!

Have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Shirley Wells said...

It all looks absolutely wonderful!

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It all looks lovely and festive - and I sympathize entirely. Am helping sister run what amounts to a Christmas b&b - people everywhere (mostly family), ridiculous amounts of food, laundry, tidying up - and I still haven't bought present for OH and still haven't baked my mom's fave cake and I can't find the bundt pan and the vanilla extract bottle is empty (gasp! what a sentence)!
I keep telling myself to move it, move it, move it! A few more days and I can put my poor, tired, aching feet up. They will be most grateful.
Merry Christmas, my friend - and it will be; we'll see to it, right? Right. xxx

Nicola Slade said...

I finally succumbed to my own internal pressure (ie that awful little voice that says:to be a 'proper' Waltons-type matriarch you MUST put up the tree). That was only on Sunday though,but otherwise it's all ready, just hope everyone gets here. We're feeding 17 of us on Christmas Day so it'll be a bit pathetic if it's only Morley and me and the One Ton Cat munching through it all.

Jan Jones said...

I just knew you were a fairy-light girl, K8. :)

Thanks, Talli and Shirley. As soon as I put them up, I wondered why I was being so slow about it.

Crikey, Jen, sounds absolutely manic! Have a good Christmas.

17, Nicky? 17??? I, er, suppose large numbers can be fun...

Debs said...

That all looks very festive.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. x