Saturday, 26 February 2011

Panel at Lakenheath

I haven't done any promotion for a while, so it was lovely to be invited to take part in "A Touch of Romance" at the library on Lakenheath Air Base in Suffolk last week.

After the nicest and most courteous car-search in history, my fellow panellists and I were made very welcome with tea and chocolate biscuits. I cleverly forgot to take my camera, but the room soon filled up with a mix of readers and writers. Everyone was attentive, laughed in the right places (thank you, you have no idea how encouraging that is) - and the questions were so interesting and flowed so well that we went way over our allocated time.

Even so, we barely scratched the surface when it came to research, developing characters and our own individual methods of writing. I think all of us could have talked for much longer!

Many thanks to Lakenheath Air Base library - and of course to my fellow Romantic Novelist Association members Louise Allen, Jean Fullerton and Roger Sanderson. I think we made a pretty good team!


liz fenwick said...

I'm sure you made a great team!! Shame no photos though...

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Liz. It was a really good panel - we could have gone on talking for ever!

And sigh to leaving the camera at home - I'd even charged up the battery!

Rosalind Adam said...

Sounds like it was a most successful session.