Saturday, 21 May 2011

RNA Summer Party 2011

What a fabulous Summer Party it was this year! Gorgeous frocks, wonderful shoes, wine, canapés, an award presentation and the best of all company.

I gave my LSotY shortlist dress another outing - here I am looking almost grown-up as I warm up the crowd ready for the presentations.

In an all-change moment, RNA outgoing chair Katie Fforde handed over stewardship to Anne Ashurst,
outgoing president Diane Pearson got an IMMENSE round of applause for her years of service, and then we moved on to the Joan Hessayon Award for the 2011 best début novel.

Joan Hessayon contenders l-r: Molly Hopkins, Kate Jackson, Paula Williams, Charlotte Betts, Sally Clements

and the winner was announced as Charlotte Betts with The Apothecary's Daughter.

enjoying the speeches: Lucy King (winner 2010),
Kate Johnson, Lyn McCulloch, Talli Roland
Impossibly glamorous Danuta Kean with me
Carole Blake and Jan

Then it was on to more partying, more catching up with friends, more networking with editors, agents, journalists and PR gurus.

The Joan Hessayon trophy

God bless the Romantic Novelists' Association and all who sail in her.

(Most pix taken by Marte at mlr photo. Others taken by me or Liz Fenwick)


Lesley Cookman said...

I'm even jealouser now!

Liz Fielding said...

Green, green, green!

Love your dress, Jan. :)

Romy Sommer said...

You look so glamorous Jan. Thanks for the pictures!

Liz Harris said...

Lovely reminders of a lovely party.

Liz X

Catt said...

Looking good, Jan. Nice dress. First time I've seen you with your hair up, I think. Thank you for posting the pics :D

Jan Jones said...

Thanks for comments re the dress. Sometimes it's just necessary to dress up, I find :)

Catt - hair was just twisted up, nothing special. Long hair gets very hot otherwise.

Sorry you couldn't be there, Lesley - did temperature develop or are you all better now? Hope so.

Nell Dixon said...

your dress was lovely Jan. It was a wonderful party.

liz fenwick said...

Jan you looked amazing - the dress should have many more outings! It was a great party.

Nas Dean said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Jan.

You gals had such a fab night, and you look so glam!

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Liz. More outings for the dress... You never did have a flat-warming, did you...?

Jan Jones said...

Hi Nas - it was a great night, thanks. Fab food/drink, intelligent company, what more could you want?

Mike Jarman said...

What a lovely post, Jan. It's obvious, you all had a wonderful time. It's great to see so many familiar faces and it makes me wish I could have been there too!
You all certainly know how to enjoy yourselves. :)

Debs Carr said...

Wonderful photos, thanks for posting them.

I'm a slight shade of green too and wish I could have been there.

Marisa Birns said...

Followed Mike Jarman here. Loved the pictures! You all look very cheerful and lovely.

And, yes, your dress is beautiful. Wonderful color on you.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Mike :)
And thank you, Marisa too. It's a lovely colour isn't it?

Debs - you realise you are just going to have to move, don't you?