Saturday, 26 November 2011

Penny Plain - final part

The final part of Penny Plain is now out. All the loose ends get identified and tidied away neatly, just as they should.

I'm going to miss seeing the illustrations each week


Pat Posner said...

Really enjoyed the Penny Plain serial, Jan (loved the first one as well). The illustrations are lovely, too.

Anonymous said...

With all the nice things being said about the latest Penny Plain I just can't wait.
I started re-reading Stage by Stage for the umpteenth time and I have already re-read the three Regency novels more than once. However I have discovered a source for Georgette Heyer Regency novels so I have now managed to read several more than are available in our local library.
Thanks again Jan. When are you planning to write another book or do you have something in progress?
I have just been tantalizing myself by looking at my daughter's site, Mary Krieger and at Allen Geske's who has a studio in the same building.