Friday, 14 February 2020

Thoughts on St Valentine's Day


Traditionally St Valentine’s Day was when you let someone know - quietly, shyly and anonymously by means of a modest card - that you loved them. A gentle day, there and gone, leaving a tiny glow behind it.

These days it seems to be rather more full on. Adverts bombard us for weeks beforehand with heart-shaped gifts, romantic meals for two, perfect rose bouquets...

It’s just a bit hard for the comfortably single, the newly alone, or the recently bereaved.

Loving is wonderful, but it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of life. Spreading laughter and kindness also creates those warm, fuzzy feelings. Pets bring joy. Friends you can talk to are bliss. Reading a well-written love story triggers lightning in your soul. And there is a lot of pleasure in arranging things in a way that makes you happy.

I think what I am saying is remember to love yourself. You are a person too. Treat yourself to a nice book, a box of your favourite tea, a sticky cake and twenty minutes unadulterated you-time. Something that makes you feel good.

Happy St Valentine’s Day x x x

As a St Valentine’s Day treat, I have reduced the first book in all my series to 99p/99c from 14th February for a week.

The Kydd Inheritance ~ the one that kicked off my Newmarket Regencies
A Rational Proposal ~ in which we meet the Furze House Irregulars for the first time
The Jigsaw Puzzle ~ the first Penny Plain mystery
An Ordinary Gift ~ a time-slippish contemporary



Just Another Bloke (John Jackson) said...

Particularly with other news this weekend, "I think what I am saying is remember to love yourself"



Jan Jones said...

We do forget ourselves shockingly often