Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cats and internal clocks


Ahhh. Butter wouldn't melt, would it?

And I suppose they thought they were being very restrained, leaving it until quarter past seven this morning to point out to me that I hadn't yet fed them.

They weren't to know that British Summer Time finished last night so all the clocks in the house said quarter past six...


Kate Hardy said...

Oh, cute pic, Jan!

Kate Walker said...

Oh I know! There is no Greenwich Mean Time for a cat's stomach. My gang were exactly the same at 6 am

Oh but that picture does make me long for some red and white fur!

Jan Jones said...

Kate H - aren't they just cute? They often cuddle up together and are so blasted photogenic I could have an entire computerful of pics and still need to take "just this one more..."

Kate W - I am a complete sucker for ginger cats. I've never been without at least one in the house. (Still miss my black-and-white Smudge, though, who had been with me for nearly twenty years, bless her)