Thursday, 14 August 2008

FAIR DECEPTION ready to pre-order

Wahay! Fair Deception is available to pre-order on the Robert Hale website at £13.29 instead of £18.99. Plus free postage too!

Go to the book description to get in before stocks run out. You won't be sent it until October, mind, but by then you'll have forgotten you ordered it, so the parcel will come as a lovely surprise.

This is the rough of the cover - it's lovely, but by the time the real one comes out I'm hoping the artist will have taken on board my mentioning that Kit has flaxen hair and Susanna's red-gold curls are the source of all her troubles...


galant said...

Well done on selling to Hale! I have two friends here in Devon whose books have been published or are about to be published by Hale: Christina Green (River's Reach) and Carole Llewellyn (Megan). Then, Nicola Slade and Sue Moorcroft, previously (like yourself) published by Transita have been published by Hale (and of course, Linda Gillard, formerly with Transita, is now published by Piatkus.) And we mustn't forget Wendy K Harris, who had two novels published by Transita, and the third of her trio of novels set on the Isle of Wight (Rocken Edge) has just been published by and I.ofW. publisher, Coachhouse. Oh, and Beryl Kingston (again formerly Transita) has been published by Allison & Busby. Congratulations to you all, I say! I just hope I've not missed anyone out!
Margaret Powling

Jan Jones said...

Thank you, Margaret, and well done on the roll-call! I think you've only left out Pam Fudge who also has books with both Transita and Hale.

Beryl Kingston, of course, was published very widely indeed long before she sold Neptune's Daughter to Transita.

Hope you enjoy Fair Deception when it comes out.

Kate Hardy said...

Excellent. My copy is ordered.

Perhaps we can sort out meeting for lunch when it's out, so you can sign it for me :o)

Kate Hardy said...

PS And I agree with your next post - it needs to be somewhere with sticky toffee pudding on the menu!

liz fenwick said...

My copy is ordered too! Can't wait :-)

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Kate and Liz. Every order counts!

Lunch would be very good, Kate. Especially if you can find somewhere with STP on the menu. :)

Susie Vereker said...

Will put my order in too, Jan. I love the cat photo. Also glad you met up with Elaine.
For Margaret P/Galant, Another Transita author goes on - my third novel is going to come out with Severn House!