Sunday, 24 August 2008

This cannot be comfortable!

Now, I know that cats can - and do - sleep anywhere.

But this really cannot be comfortable!

Sometimes, I worry about Archer.


Kate Walker said...

Dear Madam

Of course it is comfortable - for Archer. Otherwise he would not be sleeping there. He is a cat after all - and we cats do like our comfort.

With best purrs to you and Archer

Sir Sidney (Kate Walker's Sid) currently sleeping on a tiny edge of a bookcase.

Jan Jones said...

Humble apologies, Sir Sidney. I had momentarily forgotten that to a cat of infinite fluidity, the challenge of overcoming the natural laws of gravity is merely an amusing bagatelle.

Lori x said...

Cats hey!

One of my cats Polly (or Princess Pollyanna as she usually gets called, I feel the hierachy in our house is all wrong) loves sleping on my printer - not very practical as I have to fix it everytime I need to use it. We tyhought we'd foxed her when we changed the bedroom furniture around but it didn't last Long.

Eric - the most enourmous cat ever - loves the top of the wardrobe. This is fine until he jumps off it in the middle of the night and lands on top of me. I wouldn't swap them though. The dog well that's another matter...only joking Jasper.


Jan Jones said...

Hi Lori, nice of you to stop by. Loved your descriptions of your cats!

My worst middle-of-the-night one was Max (another large cat) who would wait until I was nicely asleep and then leap up onto the bed, wedge himself against me and then wash himself very, very vigorously - it took hours!

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

I had a cat who slept on top of pairs of shoes. And one who liked to curl herself around my head when I slept--or tried to sleep, she had the most incredibly loud purr!

My current pair of kittens have their own pair of comfortable chairs in the conservatory. Placed there especially for them, of course.