Saturday, 20 September 2008

I Love London

Now, I know I've lived in East Anglia for nearly thirty years, but London has always been my city.

It's where I was born, where I did all my growing up. It's in my bones. It puts a fizz in my blood like nowhere else in the world.

And it has its moments of sheer, unexpected surprise.

This looks like the interior of any church, looking out towards the garden, right?

But it isn't. Because this is St Dunstan in the East, in the heart of London, and this photo was taken from the outside looking in

The tiny church, bombed beyond reasonable repair during WW2, has been turned into a city garden. Instead of being demolished for redevelopment, it is now a small oasis surrounded by office blocks

I love London.

PS - thanks to Fiona Harper for directing my feet there


liz fenwick said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

This is the amazing thing about London, isn't it - all sorts of treasures tucked all over the place.

Black boxed here, btw :-)

Lori x said...

I always end up in a mad panic anytime I'm in London as it always seems so vast. I would never be able to find somewhere so beautiful in a million years!

Jan Jones said...

Liz - it's amazingly peaceful, too. You really wouldn't think you were in the Square Mile.

Vanilla - welcome. I think I black boxed to you a couple of times too. And yes, London is full of tucked-away treasures.

Lori - I grew up in London, so I know it's just a collection of villages all sewn together like a patchwork quilt. Perhaps you could start off by concentrating on the small bit you're going to and simply notice all the little details along the way. Then it's not so scary.

Kate Hardy said...

Gorgeous, Jan - thanks for sharing.

Lovely to see you on Thursday, btw. And thank you for my fabby postcard :o) (Now all I want is for the book itself to arrive!!)

Lori x said...

Thanks for the postcard - I'll be off to the library later this week!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I absolutely love those gothic ruins. Beautiful.

CJ xx

Jan Jones said...

It was lovely to see you too, Kate. You are so on for lunch.

Glad the postcard got there, Lori.

Hi again, CJ. I tell you, it was the weirdest feeling, sitting there in a garden in the centre of a ruined church...

Kath said...

What a treat to find this post. It is so lovely, I've family who had just returned from 3 weeks in London, I'll have to ask if they know about this for the next trip!
Thanks for visiting our blog and mentioning your Chester.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Kath. Glad you liked the post.

Debs said...

How wonderful, I must remember to go there when I'm next in London.