Sunday, 7 September 2008


Here it is! The final cover of Fair Deception

Available to pre-order from the Robert Hale website, or indeed Amazon or your local independent bookshop (but at the moment, ordering from Hale is much cheaper)

Aren't you just itching to find out what happens when gorgeous Kit rescues Susanna from the dastardly Rafe Warwick? If you haven't got time to read the whole first chapter, here is a tiny taster:

. He knelt next to the tub
and before Susanna could divine his intent, lifted her leg and lowered her foot into the cold water.
. Her gasp was less for the icy temperature than for the fact that his grasp on her calf had been disturbingly sensuous.
. “I beg your pardon, did I jar you?”
. “No, I - ”
. But he was frowning and gently stroking the red weal. “The ankle I saw you twist, but how did this happen?”
. “Mr Warwick has a cane,” said Susanna, twitching at his touch and thanking God that her foot was already becoming numb. “And an uncertain temper.”
. Her rescuer sat back on his heels. “As well you did not provoke it further. I have heard that cane doubles as a sword-stick.”
. Susanna stared at him in horror. “And you hit him with your bare fists? He might have drawn on both of us!”
. “That’s Mr Kit for you,” said the footman cheerfully. “Acts first and thinks later. Always has done.”

Now that's my kind of hero!


Kate Hardy said...

Gorgeous cover, Jan.

My copy is already pre-ordered. (And are you in London on Thursday next week? If so, will give you celebratory hug in person.)

Lesley Cookman said...

Lovely cover, Jan. And if you look at my blog (thanks to you) I finally got my covers all down one side!

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Lesley! And I did look at your new blog some time ago and thought I'd left a comment congratulating you on shifting the covers.

Obviously not. Age is a strange thing.

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Ooh you had the cover accuratised! (yes, I know it's not a world, but I haven't had my coffee yet).

Looks good Jan, I'll add it to my 'to be bought' list!

Jan Jones said...

Hi K8 - I think accuratised is a damn good word! The only thing I come up with before my first cup of tea is a sort of formless "lfeedduinaminutecatsjustletmegettothekettle"