Friday, 24 October 2008

Easy - not!

My manuscript is 67,695 words.
Ideally, I'd like it to be 70,000 words.

2305 words short
272 pages

So that's an extra 8 or 9 words per page needed.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?


Nicola Slade said...

My manuscript hit the halfway mark last night - I need to keep reminding myself that I still actually have to write the rest of the book! But it's downhill all the way from here, isn't it?

As for your shortfall: how about more description of party dresses? I did that once and it worked! Or some bits of weather dotted here and there?

galant said...

Just seen your novel on Random Jottings blog - congratulations! I will put this on my book list! I'm sure it will be great fun. A friend of mine, Carole Llewellyn is also published by Hale this week as her book Megan comes out on the 31st and she's having her launch here in Paignton on Wednesday at the Torbay Bookshop. And my friend Christina Green has also been published by Hale - her novel River's Reach is a Victorian romance set in and around the River Teign here in South Devon.
From: Margaret Powling

Jan Jones said...

Well done, Nicky! Another Charlotte - scrumptious.

Hi Margaret - thanks, and hope you enjoy Fair Deception. Hale publish some jolly good books across the whole spectrum and should be more widely read (and bought or borrowed from libraries!) I will look out for Caroline's and Christina's.

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Oh Jan, just put some extra adverbs in ;-)

Alternately, I need to cut quite a bit from my Wip. You could have those bits if you like.

Jan Jones said...

Hmm, shape-shifting girl/tigers in a Newmarket regency. Distinct possibilities there, K8, I'll give it some thought. Thanks.

juliemt said...

I agree, Jan. I adore Hale books (it's a shame that they don't paperbacks!) They publish a lovely range of books, don't they? I hope Fair Deception does very well for you!

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Just what the regency genre needs, a few shapeshifting tigers!

Actually, I was considering writing a historical/shapeshifter book recently. Because apparently I'm insane.

Good luck with the edits!

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Julie, I hope so too! I don't know if you can get hardback Hales out in Malta, can you?

K8 - I think your idea's got legs (quite a lot of them). I'd certainly read it.

Edits - Ch13 and rising, thank you.

juliemt said...

Jan, I'm a reviewer for a website and Hale send me a selection of books to review every month. But Hale publish so many lovely books, that often I order those I'm not sent from the Book Depository where they are very competitively priced.

Jan Jones said...

I hope they send you mine, then, Julie!

juliemt said...

They didn't send it unfortunately, but I'll order it off the Book Depot! I loved Stage by Stage and I can't wait to read more of your books.

Jan Jones said...

Late PS - it's now 71,576 words. And all ready to go.

Amazingly, the system really does work. Who'd have thought it?