Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Short Story Alert!

And as if Fair Deception coming out this week wasn't enough good news, I also have a story in Woman's Weekly!

Building Up A Story had its origins several years ago when the then owner of the-house-next-door got the builders in to gut and modernise it in order to sell it on. I lived with those builders for MONTHS! Believe me, the stereotype image doesn't go nearly far enough.

However, the pain has receded and I now have really lovely new neighbours - and a short story to boot! It just goes to show that a writer never throws any experience away.

(WW on sale 29th October to 4th November - and in addition to my story you get gratuitous pics of Sean Bean as well!)


Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

I was just caught by the 'ten things you didn't know about Sean Bean' bit on the magazine cover, which ought to boost sales so more people will read your story, hussah!

(Also, I bet I know some things that aren't in the article!)

Jan Jones said...

I was hoping he might be one of the '101 Christmas Gifts', K8, but sadly he doesn't seem to be on the list.

Kate Hardy said...

Congrats, Jan - excellent news.

Jane Smith said...

We have lived in our house for nearly 12 years and part of it is still derelict, despite the regular application of builders. During that time we have put up with TWO builders taking us to court because we refused to pay them for work they didn't do.

And last summer I met a woman who turned out to be Mr Bean's first wife. She was a perfectly nice hairdresser, rather gorgeous, and reported nothing extreme about him at all, which I found strangely disappionting.

Jan Jones said...

Good grief, Jane, you'd have thought that at least the second lot of builders would have known you weren't a pushover. Hope the bits of the house you live in are sound in walls and roof.

Shame about SB, but fortunately I am a writer - I have imagination to come to the rescue.