Monday, 15 December 2008

2009 Romantic Novel of the Year Longlist

As an early Christmas present to all those authors on it - the longlist for the 2009 Romantic Novel of the Year has just been announced

Congratulations to the 22 who have got this far - only a month until we know who's made it to the shortlist

And a month after that it will be the Awards Lunch - the posh frocks, the sparkle, the food, the wine, the ambience...


juliemt said...

It's a great longlist this year, Jan. It's wonderful to see the entire romance genre represented: from chick lit to sagas to women's fiction to contemporary and historical romances. I'm especially pleased to see a Regency romance (Marina Oliver's) on the list and so many of my favourite authors!

I can't wait for the Romance Prize shortlist now.

Jan Jones said...

Looks fab, doesn't it, Julie? And yes, it's WONDERFUL to see a Regency there!

(There was a mix-up with mine, so it's going into the Romance prize next year. 2010 that is.)

Kate Hardy said...

I'm delighted that two people whose books I like Very Much Indeed are there - Judith Lennox and my mate Milly Johnson. (So now I have to wish for a tie *g*)

Sorry there was a mix-up with yours.

And I'm really looking forward to the posh frock bit :o)

Jan Jones said...

But at least I can blame my not being up there in contention on the fact that it wasn't entered. (As opposed to other people's being, um, better. Which they are)