Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Yes, yes, it's Christmas - Tree. Part Two


So, anyway, I got him home (Mr Tree, that is), suggested he slip into something more comfortable, we had a discussion about how much he'd like off the top (I swear EVERY YEAR they grow a foot taller between the Christmas Tree Farm and my lounge), and then I judiciously wielded the lopper.

I gave him a drink. He began to relax. Started to look, oh, you know, a bit Bob Geldorf.

So that's when daughter and I really went to work on him.

And see? They can be taught!


Mummy said...

Oh he looks lovely.....the tinsel really suits his shape and complexion!

Estantia said...

He was the perfect gentlemen, we gave him all that to hold and still hasn't complained.

The thing is it was a bit sappy, just didn't want to part after having a few moments to bond...

Nicola Slade said...

I love Christmas but I'd really like to do the German thing of putting the tree up on Christmas Eve, all twinkly and romantic. But because I can't bear the sight of a tree all forlorn and bereft of presents, I always want to take it down after the Queen's speech - but have never been allowed to!
I suppose I'd better think about a tree sometime soon, there will be have small people around who will expect it and won't accept my feeble arguments.

Jan Jones said...

Yes, he's unbending nicely now. I think he appreciated the attention. And he must be happy here, because he's started to accumulate presents for us.

Debs said...

He looks wonderful, and I'm sure he smells great too.

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Ooh a proper tree! Haven't had one of those for years, ever since we had to re-paint the ceiling when the tree proved too tall. Plus, every year they died, and shed needles, and clogged up the vacuum cleaner, which had to be replaced... cue a visit to Argos a few years ago, and a re-usable plastic tree!

Plus, this way the cats are less inclined to eat it.