Monday, 27 July 2009

A Literary Lunch

I've been out to lunch [no comments, you at the back]. To a literary lunch, in fact, courtesy of the Wickhambrook Women's Institute Reading Club.

Wickhambrook WI are one of the few groups in the country to have their own hall, and very nice it is too. And, oh, the bliss of eating five sorts of sandwiches, two sorts of pastry and my choice of puddings (from three) without having to cook anything or clear it away!

There were a lot of people there, conversation flowed, recipes were swapped, the bookstall did a brisk trade. Then, just as I regretfully decided that I couldn't fit in a piece of carrot cake as well as the most divine chocolatey-cheescakey-tart, the chairman of the Reading Club stood up to introduce the speaker.

And I remembered why I'd been invited.

Fortunately, the WI ladies are an intelligent bunch and not known for holding back, so after a ten-minute introductory waffle from me, the questions came thick and fast. The Reading Club had all read my books (thus increasing my PLR, thank you!) and those literary lunchers who hadn't, were interested in the local area where I set my plots.

So - Angela and Dorothy, thank you for inviting me. I had a smashing time.


Karen said...

Sounds lovely - 'specially the cheesecake thingy!

Loved your story in WW SS by the way :o)

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Karen!

And yes, the chocolatey-cheesecakey pud was just so scrummy I'm still fantasising about it.