Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bird Cake

Because I topped up all the outdoor feeding stations for the Great Garden Birdwatch this weekend, I have been enlivening the morning by making new supplies of birdcake. I find this vastly cheaper than buying the squares ready made from the pet shop!

Take one scoop (that's it in the yellow) of feeder-seed-mix, one scoop of soft-bill ground mix (basically oats and sultanas) and one scoop of the bread-and-toast crumbs that get saved in a bowl instead of being thrown away because the birds like them.

Got that?

Now blitz a small xmas-pud containerful of peanuts in the ancient electric coffee grinder that no one uses any more. Ignore the strange smell. It's not used often enough to worry about it.

Melt a 500g block of dripping in a large saucepan. TAKE IT OFF THE HEAT. Pour everything in and stir with the spoon marked "bird fat only". If the mixture is still runny, add more of everything.

Now spoon into the square cases that you saved from when you did use to buy the cakes from the pet shop. Or you can use empty cheese tubs instead.

Put out in the porch to cool down. Days like today that will take 20 mins max, I'd have thought.

The you can slide them into those square wire mesh containers for all to enjoy!


Lesley Cookman said...

Now tell me how to make a lemon drizzle...

I daren't put anything out for the birds since bad mother and daughter cats came to live here two years ago. Used to have resident blackbirds and robin and loads of starlings. I never realised they were on the decline because I had so many.

Jan Jones said...

Know what you mean, but I always think the number of birds I save by feeding them all year round outweighs the few that the cats get.

Debs said...

That's so good of you.

My husband has made hooks out of old coat hangers and has about 15 or so nets of bird fat-balls/feed hanging around the garden.

Susie Vereker said...

Good idea, Jan.

Am loving your Fortunate Wager, btw. Will blog when finished.

Jen said...

How amazing!!! I am sure they love it!!! Fantastic blog!