Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wonderful review for Fortunate Wager!

Thank you to Cybil from Rakehell for this wonderful review of Fortunate Wager. I loved writing this book, so I'm delighted that she enjoyed reading it and took from it all that I was trying to convey.

And if anyone is thinking of buying a copy - it's a staggering £11.69 from Amazon right now!!!

(Also, they still have Fair Deception at £14.94 - it can't last long!)


Jayne said...

YAY! Great news Jan!

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Fantastic review!

I also thought Alexander was a bit Darcy-ish. He needed Caroline to temper him a bit. Or maybe he needed Caroline's temper...

Kate Hardy said...

Excellent and VERY well deserved.

liz fenwick said...

Jan, fate is striving to keep me away from this book. It is sitting a awaiting for me at dd's school but alas i am stuck in the snow in Oxfordshire.......soon.

Great review.


Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Jayne. I'm really thrilled.

K8 - That's interesting since I didn't write it at all with darcy in mind. On the other hand, you never really forget your first love, do you?

Shucks, Kate *blushes*

Liz - you will get to read Fortunate Wager. You will!

Karen said...

Having had the pleasure of reading Fortunate Wager, I totally agree with that review - I rather fancied Alexander myself, and loved the horsey setting, even though I'm scared of horses :o)

In fact I must order Fair Deception now!

Susie Vereker said...

Have ordered book, Jan. Good price for Amazon. Congrats on review.

Jan Jones said...

Karen - Thank you!

Susie - It's an astonishing price! Lower than I can get it from the publishers!

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Congratulations on a fabulous review, Jan!

I'm looking forward to reading Fortunate Wager - I loved Fair Deception :0)

Debs said...

Congratulations. I'm going to get ordering now.

Jan Jones said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. Hope you enjoy Fortunate Wager

Debs - Thanks, I'm still pleased as a cat with no snow about the review.