Friday, 4 March 2011

It's nearly Awards time!

Shortlisted books for 2011 Love Story of the Year
Eeek, it's nearly the RNA Pure Passion Awards night and I DO NOT have an approaching cold. I am telling my throat that it does not have that incipient tickle signalling full-on loss-of-voice, my glands are merely over-excited, my nose is not running, and my slight headache has simply been caused by the adverse weather.

However, just to be on the safe side I am carrying the Big Box of Tissues around with me and am mainlining tea with a side-order of paracetamol.

Because Monday sees a big sparkly Romantic Novelists' Association party and the announcement of the Romantic Novel of the Year, the Love Story of the Year, the RNA Historical Prize and the RNA Romantic Comedy prize. Nothing is going to stop me dressing up, going to the Gladstone Library at One Whitehall Place with my pals, celebrating being shortlisted and cheering on all the winners!

[Excuse me while I put the kettle on again, please.]


liz fenwick said...

can't wait!!! Tell that cold it has no business with you!

Julie Cohen said...

Drink lots and lots of water and drown that cold!!

See you Monday.

Jane Henry said...

Good luck for Monday, Jan! And hope you banish the cold. Wish I could be there....

Kate Hardy said...

Hot toddies, Jan! And good luck for Monday xxx

Debs Carr said...

Hope your cold stays away for the big day. I wish I was going, but can't wait to hear all about it and see photos.

Good luck.x