Friday, 20 February 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Okay, let's have a writing-related post for a change (er, no, I'm not much further on - but I do know an awful lot about a strolling player's life in the early 19th Century now.) I had to arrange a library visit this morning so afterwards, in pursuance of period detail, I trotted over to the Theatre Royal at Bury St Edmunds which was built in 1819. It was shut.

Nothing daunted, I went to the New Subscription Rooms (now the Atheneum) on Angel Hill where Susanna in Fair Deception attends her first posh ball. It also looked a bit on the shut side, but I boldly walked in and WOW! Look at this - and this is only the ante-room! (Yes, sorry about the quality - I had to use my phone because I'd left the camera in the car at the other end of town)

There was no one else around at all - but just as I was having a Lost-In-Austen moment, an official-type chap emerged from somewhere unspecified and asked if he could help. And bless him, he showed me the ballroom.

Double wow.

I was so completely blown away that the photos are all over the place. It is just the prettiest ballroom ever. This is the far end.

This is the musicians alcove (they originally sat in a scooped out balcony alcove above this one until the H&S elves got their builders onto it).

And this is a really sweet staircase down which to Make An Entrance.

Well, no wonder Susanna was all of a dither.


liz fenwick said...


Julie Cohen said...

How gorgeous!

Jan Jones said...

It was just terrific! Fortunately I wasn't tempted into doing anything silly like show off my waltzing skills because the official-type-guy had just varnished the floor (that's why it looks so shiny). Mind you, the fumes definitely added to the high-as-a-kite feeling as I stood there gawping.

Kate Hardy said...

That staircase is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

Jan Jones said...

Isn't it great, Kate? Every home should have one.

Jane Odiwe said...

Wow! How gorgeous - no wonder he wanted to show it off!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Beautiful. I love the colours. Delicate but strong at the same time!
Pooh about the theatre being closed. Hope you can get back to it soon