Monday, 2 February 2009

February snow

Now, I'm sure my friend Susie Vereker will have better pictures than this later, but this is what my garden looked like at seven o'clock this morning. (Yes, of course the photo was taken through glass - I'm not stupid!)

I knew I was right not to bother cleaning the car.


Mummy said...

Looks beautiful Jan! Ours isn't quite so spectacular but it's still coming down so it may be later!

liz fenwick said...

looks fabulous - quite jealous here!

KAREN said...

I can't believe how deep the snow is here. Made the mistake of venturing out in the car earlier, and had to turn back. Very scaryindeed :oO

Looks lovely though!

(I just read a lovely book called Paris Imperfect by someone called Susie Vereker!)

Jan Jones said...

Beautiful, mummy, but cooooold. And wet. Also, it's got somewhat deeper since this morning. Not much fun unless you're off school. The road is full of local teenagers pretending they are eight years old again.

Jealous, Liz? Don't be. I'll trade your sun any day.

And yes, Karen - that would be Susie. Small world, isn't it?

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Jan, around here it's the grown-ups pretending to be eight years old. Including me. And my older brother. And my dad.

Gorgeous pictures! I took loads too, you never know when it'll happen again!

Jan Jones said...

I always suspected you were an eight-year-old at heart, K8!

Nicola Slade said...

Crumbs, we've even got snow down here in Hampshire, very rare sight. I 'had' to go and dig a hole for Dylan, the 16 year old, nearly blind, dottie moggie to perform in - my excuse is that he's only seen snow about six times in his little life! (In my defence I will say that at least I didn't hold a brolly over him as my mum used to for her cat!)

Julie Cohen said...

It was lovely and snowy here, too, though my party for this evening was cancelled so I didn't get to wear my gorgeous shoes! Whaa!

I just hope it doesn't snow again right before the RNA lunch. It's crazy how this country shuts down after a couple of inches of snow, as if it's never happened before.

Jan Jones said...

Ah, Nicky, how sweet. I knew you were a softie at heart.

Oh, bum, Julie. Poor shoes, not getting an outing. (And poor you, naturally)

And yes - the snow had better be gone, gone, gone before next week!

Debs said...

I wish we'd had a decent amount of snow. We had showers on Monday, but nothing settled at all. Sulk.

Jan Jones said...

You can have some of this, Debs, honest. We had another inch or so today, just as I thought it was all going to be gone by The Lunch. It's not going to stop me getting to London, you understand, but I'd quite like not to have to fight it.