Friday, 6 February 2009

It's official - Richard Armitage really is hero material!

The Romantic Novelists' Association, who on Tuesday 10th February will announce the winners of the Romantic Novel of the Year Award and the Romance Prize 2009, have just released the results of their 2009 Valentine Poll.

This year, the subject was...The Sexiest Thing on Two Legs and the winner (with a comprehensive 20% of the vote, more than double the count of any other male on the list) is...

Richard Armitage

According to the romantic novelists polled, the sexiest male celebrities of 2009 are:

1 Richard Armitage
2 Johnny Depp
3 Hugh Jackman
4 George Clooney
5 Daniel Craig
6 Sean Bean
7 Alan Rickman
8 David Tennant
9 Pierce Brosnan
10 Gerard Butler

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liz fenwick said...

Perfect choice - really :-) look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Ohh, isn't he delicious? Wonder if we could get him to present the award next year? Sort of an official mascot?

He might have to wear body armour, though. I'm not sure he'd be safe from us.

Jan Jones said...

I'm not sure we'd be safe from us if he was there!

Yup, see you Tuesday, Liz!

KAREN said...

I'm sad to see Colin Firth hasn't made the list, but I do love RA :o)

Jan Jones said...

He was on my list, Karen, just after Viggo and Orlando. Guess we just keep 'em for ourselves, eh?

Nicola Slade said...

All fine and dandy, but my current favourite is Hugh Bonneville - none of these skinny boys for me!
Have fun at the RNA lunch, Jan.

Hywela Lyn said...

*Sigh* I'm not at all surprised. My heart was lost to Richard Armitage the moment he rode into Sherwood Forest, dressed in black leather!

Jan Jones said...

Yes, you wonder what Marion was thinking of really, don't you?

Elaine said...

Not much to argue with here. He really is quite quite wonderful. Oh be still my beating heart...