Saturday 31 May 2008

Garden Day


Conference packs printed.

Conference packs posted.

Workshop choices coming in.

I think it's time I tackled this...

Friday 23 May 2008

Paper, paper everywhere...

Normal service will be resumed once I've finished compiling the Romantic Novelists' Association conference pack.

And printing it out.

And collating it.

And putting it in everyone's envelopes.

And buying more teabags.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Summer Party 2008

So, after two weeks of unbroken sunshine, I throw open the curtains on the morning of the Romantic Novelists' Association Summer Party - and am confronted with rain. I was so shocked that for quite a long time I couldn't actually remember what I usually wear when it's raining. In fact, I couldn't remember so thoroughly that I drove off to catch the London train in my sandals. And got completely soaked. Good thing I had strappy party footwear in my bag.

The weather, however, only made people more determined to enjoy themselves (which is saying something for an RNA do). After catching up with lots of friends (and stopping the canapé waiter with the sausages and mash by will power alone) came the speeches.

I was delighted when 'my' Joan Hessayon cup was awarded to Giselle Green for her début novel Pandora's Box.

After the party, as is our wont, those of us that were still standing went off for a meal (the calories in the canapés having been used up in the effort of chasing after them) at an extremely nice Italian restaurant.

Not only did they not object to our extreme cheerfulness, they even invented an extra table so we could all eat together without us having to tell them that we
numbered some well-known writers in our midst.

Thursday 8 May 2008

Spring has, er, sagged...

It was hot and sunny over the weekend. I put on shorts. I mowed the lawn.

I came indoors and caught sight of myself in the mirror.

I am now into the fourth day of a no-booze-or-chocolate diet.