Sunday 11 November 2012



Flanders meets the High Street
by Jan Jones
Standing in Waitrose at eleven o’clock
All life suddenly suspended
A woman reaching for cereal
An old man gripping his wire basket
Me with my trolley as
Thousands of cheerful, too fast soldiers
March before my eyes in jerky shades of grey
Joining up together
Fighting together
Dying together
A village wiped out. A community blasted.
So wrong.
The cashiers sit down
People move
Two minutes of life, gone in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Lion

And here it is...

My quirky, lively story about a pampered cat, a put-upon niece, lack of amenities, artists' block ... oh, and a lion.

It is in the new Woman's Weekly Fiction Special (6 Nov-5 Dec), and I had enormous fun writing it.

This isn't a lion, by the way, it's Archer. And he isn't pampered at all, oh no.