Wednesday 26 January 2011

Things to lift the mood

Yes, I know, they aren't remotely in season, but when it's a grey January day and you are walking head down against the drizzle past a market stall selling a pot full of your favourite colours, what else can you do but buy them?



Sunday 16 January 2011

1st Kydd Inheritance review!

What a lovely way to be greeted on a grey Sunday morning! A Google alert to this review by the very fine Bookbag people.

Sue describes it as
"a splendid Regency romp with a heroine you will love for her acerbic tongue, kind heart and her no-messing attitude, be it bulls, uncles or Captains who are in the firing line"

and adds that
" I read it in one sitting so keen was I to find out how it all worked out, and just when I thought it was all going to work out very satisfactorily there was another twist in the tale and I was back on the edge of the seat."

I'm always grateful when people take the trouble to review a book. This particular one, coming unexpectedly on a grey day, has started a train of thought in my head which I'll muse over and return to tomorrow.

If anyone would like to order The Kydd Inheritance - either for themselves or through the library - Hale Books have a very attractive short-term offer on their website right now!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

New Year, new book

It's nowhere near the end of the month, and look what arrived today! My copies of The Kydd Inheritance, that's what!

Aren't they lovely and shiny? I keep wandering past and stroking them.

This is the prequel to Fair Deception, and tells the story of Kit Kydd's sister Nell.

It is officially published on 31st January. If you order it from Robert Hale Ltd before then, you can buy it at an astonishing £13.29 (with free UK shipping) instead of £18.99 - the offer won't last long though, so be quick.

Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!


Thank you all for visiting during 2010. My 2011 wish for everyone is simply warmth, somewhere to rest your head, a slipper each and your very own Christmas toy.