Friday 18 April 2014


My new book - FAIRLIGHTS - is up on Amazon.

This is my Mary Stewart book. I first discovered romantic suspense in her pages, as indeed did everyone else at the time, and I fell in love with her power of description from the first sentence. FAIRLIGHTS is dedicated to her, for the many happy hours she has given me.

FAIRLIGHTS is set on the west Cumbrian coast. It's full of stormy seas, family friction, an old house and a gorgeous, enigmatic hero. And a heroine who doesn't realise she has a problem until it dawns on her that she is missing a chunk of memory.

It's a short novel - 32Kwords - but fully formed. And it has the most gorgeous cover from the very talented Jane Dixon Smith.

[FAIRLIGHTS was first published in a very much abridged form in Woman's Weekly in 2012. It has been so lovely to flesh it out to the size it was always meant to be.]