Saturday 22 June 2013

Penny's back!

The first part of the third Penny Plain serial starts this week in People's Friend magazine. In this mystery, we are introduced to Penny's son Noel, whose girlfriend Caitlin is having trouble with graffiti at her family brewery.

Various characters from previous serials make an appearance, along with a few new ones.

Hope you enjoy!

(People's Friend issue dated June 22nd 2013)

Wednesday 12 June 2013

On being a jobbing writer

It isn't easy being a writer. Not my sort of writer, anyway. Without contracts or security, but still with an aching need to write, to entertain, to tell stories that readers want to read.

On with the motley by Jan Jones

Doing makework
Hopping from project to project
My whole life spent in the remaindered aisle
eyes darting from shelf to shelf for the

Motley, always motley

A scrap of beauty here
A half-elegant phrase there
Buried in the rush for a temporary high
I long for a year’s space
To cloak myself in a world of my own fashioning
To explore leisurely
Spending a day finding just the right word
Knowing my characters down to the base of the iceberg

But the car needs petrol
The children need MP3 players
So it’s on with the motley and smile
And pare the ease of sleep to the bone.