Friday 28 February 2014

Penny gets her Just Desserts

Accent Press have now published the second in my series of Penny Plain mystery novellas.

It is called Just Desserts and features Penny (of course), Leo (equally of course), ice cream, a WI show, a missing 1950s test aircraft, odd bits of rivalry, a secret lab, a daughter behaving oddly...

I think it might be best if you just bought it.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Links to

My Kindle books are on - and indeed Amazon-dot-everywhere - so I thought I would try finding them and posting the links here.

Deep breath. Here goes:

Penny Plain 1: The Jigsaw Puzzle - An old jigsaw puzzle leads to a new phase in Penny's life

Written on the Wind: Mystery novella with Celtic trees set on the North Yorks Moors

Fortunate Wager: Secrets and subterfuge on the Regency racecourse

There, hopefully clicking on the links will take you there. For the UK links, just click on the sidebar!