Monday 11 January 2016

David Bowie


Roundhouse 1970
by Jan Jones

You set me ablaze

In a whirling, patchouli crowd
You ignited me

Square as new soap on the outside
Unformed within
The first touch of your music
Filled me with life
Moulded me
Made me yours
Made me myself

Dizzy in the darkness
Starbursts inside my head

Cool lips
Eyes that saw through to the soul

Boogie on, David

Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year - and photos of Ely


Happy New Year!

I promised some more photos of Ely where my latest ebook An Ordinary Gift is set. Above is the normal image you see on the way into Ely, the 'ship of the Fens' riding serenely against the wide skies.

Once in the town, you see just why the cathedral is so visible: it's massive! Everywhere you go in the town, you see it from one direction or another.

The original monastery buildings covered a large area, but were re-purposed when Henry VIII dissolved it and founded the King's School.

archway leading to old infirmary
One of my very favourite places is the Old Infirmary. The roof was taken off and the central aisle turned into Firmary Lane, with the original arches now filled in and the sides turned into buildings!

Through the archway on the left hand side - this is now Choir House for the school.

More photos soon!