Tuesday 11 November 2014


The Tower of London ceramic poppies are now finished. The moat is steeped in red. This is what it looked like on the first day, back in August.

Silent Testimony   by Jan Jones

Poppies pour quietly from an open window
Each a broken body on a broken field far from home
In a while, the Last Post will sound
But for now this is beautiful, and tragic.

Sunday 2 November 2014

QL SuperBASIC - The Definitive Handbook

Something over thirty years ago, I was head-hunted by my erstwhile colleague Tony Tebby to join him at Sinclair Research Ltd to work on a new project.

The project was the Sinclair QL, a new affordable micro computer using the superfast Motorola 68008 chip. A team was already in place, but someone was needed to work with Tony on designing and building a new programming language for the QL.

That person was me, and the language we designed was SuperBASIC.

The handbook I wrote once the project was finished was published by McGraw-Hill. It has been out of print for very many years and the rights reverted back to me for nearly as long.


But people are still using their Sinclair QLs. The remaining copies of the original edition of my SuperBASIC book appear for sale at fabulous sums (I do wish I'd kept some of my author copies instead of scattering them around family and friends).

So, more as a labour of love, really, and a desire that if something with my name on is going to appear on the internet, then I'd like it to be the best thing with my name on that I can manage at this time, I bring you the new, Kindle edition of...

QL SuperBASIC - The Definitive Handbook