Saturday 21 April 2007

Had a lovely day on Monday 16th April when I travelled up to sunny Wigan to the launch of the NW Libraries Time to Read initiative featuring romantic fiction. Entitled Pure Passion, it will run in all 22 libraries of the partnership for the next year.

In the Atrium of Wigan Town Hall, we were served 'Pure Passion' cocktails (ribena and sparkling wine - very pretty) and I got a chance to catch up with lots of
Romantic Novelists' Association pals, including Jenny Haddon, Melinda Hammond, Roger Sanderson, Penny Jordan, Trisha Ashley, June Francis, Eileen Ramsay and Angela Proctor.

Librarian-in-charge Jane Mathieson explained the scheme and thanked the RNA for their help in drawing up a shortlist of excellent modern romantic reading. Jenny Haddon (centre in this photo; RNA chairman) then spoke about the history of romantic fiction and the wide choice available to today's lucky readers of the genre.

She was followed by two writers whose books are on the suggested Pure Passion reading list: Erica James (right; current Romantic Novel of the Year holder with Gardens of Delight), and Linda Gillard (left) with Emotional Geology published by the lovely Transita. Both talked about their writing and read a short excerpt from their own book.

Then it was time to network with the gathered librarians, finish off the cakes and fruit platter that had been provided by the Time to Read team, and wend our way home.