This is currently a page-in-process, but eventually all the books with all the links will be up here. For now, it's just the titles.

Contemporary romantic comedy:
Stage by Stage

Newmarket Regency series:
1. The Kydd Inheritance
2. Fair Deception
3. Fortunate Wager
4. An Unconventional Act
~The Furze House Irregulars~
5. A Rational Proposal
6. A Respectable House (coming later in 2018)

The Penny Plain Mysteries (novellas):
1. The Jigsaw Puzzle
2. Just Desserts
3. Local Secrets
4. The Christmas Gift

Flora Swift Mysteries (novella)
What the Eye Doesn't See

Contemporary mysteries with paranormal elements:
Written on the Wind (novella)
Fairlights (novella)
~Talents duo~
1. An Ordinary Gift (novella)
2. A Question of Thyme (full length)

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Only Dancing

QL SuperBASIC: the definitive handbook 


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