Wednesday 27 May 2009


Okay, so here's the thing about writers. Nobody makes us write. Nobody puts a pistol to our head and says, "Your words or your life." We might write for money but still when we write, we put something of ourselves into the result.

I send work out into the world regularly. I iron its spotted handkerchief, tie its little pack with the best knot in my repertoire and polish its stick. I don't have stupid expectations, I fully expect it to come back - but even so, when it does I HURT.

All of which is a long way of saying that my two-part jigsaw serial has just returned home rather less jaunty than when it set out.

I know it's not a bad story. I know it's simply that it wasn't quite right for the editor I sent it to. C'est la vie. Tomorrow I'll look through it, make it a nice new packed lunch and send it somewhere else.

But right now I feel like drowning my sorrows.

Sunday 24 May 2009

Back from the forest

Where have I been, you ask?

I have been creating .....................THIS!

Yes, it's the component parts of the

2009 RNA Conference Pack !

Now, all I have to do is separate and combine them.

(You'd think for the length of time it's taken that it would be a larger set of piles, wouldn't you?)

Friday 1 May 2009

Fortunate Wager cover!


Hot from the very talented paintbrush of David Young comes the cover for Fortunate Wager, my newest Newmarket Regency. I am quite amazingly pleased with it!

If you have read Fair Deception, you will remember Caroline Fortune, who played a walk-on part. Being a girl of decided opinions, she made it very clear to me that she was destined for far greater things - and so Fortunate Wager was born.

As you can see from David's lovely cover, Caroline frequently sneaks out at dawn in her brother's clothes to exercise his horses. It's only when she finds injured nobles that the problems start...