Wednesday 27 May 2009


Okay, so here's the thing about writers. Nobody makes us write. Nobody puts a pistol to our head and says, "Your words or your life." We might write for money but still when we write, we put something of ourselves into the result.

I send work out into the world regularly. I iron its spotted handkerchief, tie its little pack with the best knot in my repertoire and polish its stick. I don't have stupid expectations, I fully expect it to come back - but even so, when it does I HURT.

All of which is a long way of saying that my two-part jigsaw serial has just returned home rather less jaunty than when it set out.

I know it's not a bad story. I know it's simply that it wasn't quite right for the editor I sent it to. C'est la vie. Tomorrow I'll look through it, make it a nice new packed lunch and send it somewhere else.

But right now I feel like drowning my sorrows.


Lorix said...

Here's a virtual G&T on me. Chin, chin.
Better luck next time, I'm sure it's great.
(If it's any consolation knowing that 'proper', published - and very good - writers get the odd rejection does make me the amateur feel slightly better - sorry!)
Lori x

Lorix said...

Oohh, that sounded a bit, well not how I meant it to sound. I really am sure it is great, I LOVED Stage by Stage and Fair Deception.
Sorry if it sounded wrong in the above/below entry, it's been a long day!
Lori x

Kate Johnson said...

I'm right there with you! You'd think after a while it'd hurt less, doesn't. It's still someone calling your baby ugly. Have a drink on me.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Rejections are the pits, hope your book's next outing brings better news.

Unknown said...


Jan Jones said...

Thank you, Lori - I understood perfectly what you were saying! I hope you are having a drink too (virtual or otherwise)?

K8 - that is exactly it, isn't it?

Debs - thank you. I have tucked the ms up in bed and we'll plan another outing tomorrow when both of us are less emotional.

Liz - thanks, hon. Appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Ooh, hugs from here. It's the pits, isn't it. Just remember that their loss is another publisher's gain.

Good luck with the next submission. (Best leave that a while if you've had a few G&Ts... :o))

Kate Johnson said...

And with perfect timing, guess what came throough my letterbox today? Yep, a rejection letter. A photocopied form rejection, no less. My baby's not that ugly!

Jan Jones said...

Oh, K8, how horrible! Here - have the other half of my box of cyber chocolates. I'm feeling better today, so I think you deserve them.

Shirley - thanks for the hugs. Now I need to scry around for a different market.

Nicola Slade said...

The first 'author' talk I did was to a creative writing group and the topic was: 'Coping with Rejection'. 'How do you cope?' they cried, hoping for a magic formula. 'You just DON'T,' I said, glumly and that stumped them. Then I did all the blah about picking yourself up, kicking the door down, running amok down the High Street with a Kalashnikov, and they were a bit gobsmacked. (I could see them thinking: but she looks such a NICE lady...)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Rejections are horrible.


Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Suzanne. Hugs always help!

Nicky - oh, I can just see it. Did anyone buy the book after that, or did they just edge away, smiling nervously?

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs, Jan. Rs always hurt and you're not alone at all!

Remember you're a good writer (having read two of your books and waiting impatiently for the third to come out, I know what I'm talking about) and, as you say, it's the wrong ed at the wrong time. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and have a bit of chocolate, then send it out again :o)

Karen said...

Every rejection stings, but I bet it'll find a home soon - I hope so, I want to read it :o))

Unknown said...

I hope that lovely Mr. Drambuie is keeping you good company, even if the attention drains him a bit. *Hugs*

You'll find someone to take it though, after all, look at how publishers you went through to get Stage By Stage published, and I haven't found anyone who DOESN'T love it yet!

Smile mother, if the Drambuie runs out there's always Sherry or a nice cup of tea. :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Hugs Jan.
Stage By Stage is a beloved friend from my keeper shelf. So don't pine for long. Sock it to them.
Mr Dram always makes me chuckle. Which just goes to show how brilliant you really are. Believe! jx

Jan Jones said...

Aw, thanks, Judy.