Sunday 21 May 2017

Free sample!

Early sample of A Question of Thyme!

I think - if I have got this right - that if you click on


you can claim the first chapter or so of A Question of Thyme.

I might be wrong, however. Do let me know!

Monday 8 May 2017

A Question of Thyme

My new book A Question of Thyme will finally be published on June 4th this year.


Well, yes, because it feels as if I have been writing this one for ever. It started - as these things do - as a good idea. Then it grew and it still seemed good, then it grew some more and I began to think it was nearly there.

Then I finished it and realised that it really wasn't there. The idea was still good, I loved the characters, but it had stopped singing to me. So, as I was about to be very busy with something else, I put it away.

I did the something else. Then I got the rights back to my Regencies and went over them and republished them. Then I finished the unfinished Fourth Regency and published that too.

Then, rather guiltily, I remembered A Question of Thyme. I woke it up, I let it breathe, I did a ton more research and put quite a lot extra in, during which the book grew from a short novel to a full-length one.

And here it is.

And if you want to know why the 4th of June, that's when my mother's birthday was. She was called Rosemary.

Rosemary...thyme... well, it pleased me.