Tuesday 13 November 2007

Lost dogs

Heart in mouth and fingers crossed today for my friend who had her car stolen in Cambridge yesterday - with her two liver-and-white springer spaniels in the back.

They were in a dog cage, so hopefully whoever stole the car will have just hoisted the cage out and left it somewhere obvious for a decent human being to report.

As you can imagine, my friend is torn between hope and despair every time the phone rings.


Kate Hardy said...

Jan, your poor friend. I'd be upset on her behalf anyway, but as I have a liver-and-white springer myself this is too close to home. I do hope the thieves have a heart and/or the police find her dogs soon.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Kate. She's just had a call from the RSPCA who think they may have found Kildare (and if it is him, he's okay), but we don't know anything about Ben yet. The waiting is just horrible.

Unknown said...

Thinking of your friend and the dogs.......hope they are home soon.