Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Warning - electrical fault

My car has one of those delightful intermittent faults which brings up a scary orange light right in the middle of the dashboard. Every time this happens the car and I go into the garage where they clear the fault, speculate interestedly about what might be causing it and tell me to come back next time it occurs. A couple of times it has been a real fault entailing the changing of various expensive parts. Even if it doesn't cost money - it always involves loss of time.

This time, however, the garage decided Action Was Needed (possibly they were getting fed up with me plugging Nymph into their power supply, using their free wifi and drinking all their tea). They stripped the engine down ("No cost, Mrs Jones") and found - a broken wire.

Sadly, it seems wires don't get mended any more, they get replaced. The entire wire loom gets replaced. At a cost of £150+.

While my car was being investigated, the garage driver ran me into Bury St Edmunds for an excellent lecture at the Theatre Royal on the Georgian playwright Thomas Holcroft and picked me up again afterwards. Then (as my car was in pieces) he took me home. Tomorrow he is going to collect me, drop me off at the Records Office for a lecture on the Georgian Gentleman's Library and pick me up after a matinee of He's Much To Blame by the said Thomas Holcroft at the theatre.

"There," said the service receptionist. "At least we've saved you the parking fee."

To park in Bury St Edmunds all day costs £1.80 !!!


Lorix said...

Lol!! We live in a throw away society! - Does it feel like having a chauffer(/)? You can use this time as research!!Hope the wire is sorted soon x

Nicola Cornick said...

I don't know which makes me more envious - your chauffeur service or the fact that you've got such interesting talks and plays to attend!

Jan Jones said...

I think, on balance, I'd rather have my car!

But yes, the Georgian Gem programme is fabulous this year and will be excellent research material.

Infuriatingly two of the best (on paper, anyway) talks are next week when I'm in London with the RNA!

Susie Vereker said...

Cars breaking down always annoy me, but am amazed the garage are driving you about to your numerous engagements.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan, your garage sounds amazing. Don't suppose they want to open a branch in Norwich, do they? :o)

(And I'm with Nicola. Envious of the wonderful talks and plays.)

Jan Jones said...

Thanks for the sympathy. And this garage always offers a local drop-off and pick-up service because it's cheaper than providing courtesy cars for all their customers. Mind you, I think I'm on their limit of 'local'.

Talk and play wonderful. Will blog about them anon.

Unknown said...

Gosh, what an amazing garage. I loathe being without my car for any reason, but hey, it can't be bad having a chauffeur. Hope it's soon fixed!