Friday 24 September 2010

I love Woman's Weekly!

Any women's magazine short story writer will know this name. The Woman's Weekly submissions address must be one of the longest to fit onto an envelope ever. Even so, after you've dropped that story into the postbox you put it out of your mind, so it was a slight shock to me last week to actually visit it and discover that the Blue Fin building really does exist!

It's fabulous. Tall, sky-piercing. All glass and angles and huge reception space and roof terrace. So it was really lovely to discover that the fiction editor's desk is about the same size as mine and only fractionally tidier. And the knitting editor's desk is surrounded by wool and part-finished garments. And there is a test-kitchen where they make the food featured in the magazine and which smelled heavenly.

And best of all, the art editor had MY ARTWORK on her screen!

So thank you, Woman's Weekly for my nice day.

And if everyone could go out and buy this month's WW Fiction Special with my story in, I'll be even happier.


Jenny said...

Fab, Jan. Shall go out and today.

Jenny said...

Shucks. Go out and GET IT today.

My proof reading gets worse.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Great photos and good to have an idea about inside too.

I'm off to buy my copy of WW, congratulations.

Jan Jones said...

Thank you, Jenny and Debs. It was such a treat going to WW HQ. Super smart, and comfortingly reassuring!

Unknown said...

That building exists? Well I never.

Congratulations on the story. I shall go and get a copy right now.

Karen said...

Ooh how lovely, it's much more modern than I imagined - I want to go there!

I'll look out for your story :o)