Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Ordinary Gift - part two

Part Two of An Ordinary Gift is out now!

In this episode, Clare visits Ely cathedral, meets some choristers and looks out of her window at a garden.

None of which is as it sounds.

Except for the cathedral.


Jean Bull said...

Hi Jan, I'm really enjoying this serial. You must have done a lot of research to make it so believable. I'm now looking forward to my Woman's Weekly on Wednesday.
Have you considered turning it into a novel? I'd love to read it!
Best Wishes,

Jan Jones said...

Thank you, Jean, I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

Yes, I made lots of trips to Ely to soak up the atmosphere and get things right. That wasn't a hardship, because it is a lovely town (with some nice shopping too...)

The serial is a bit too short for a novel as it stands, but I have ideas about extending the story.