Sunday, 26 February 2012

Written on the Wind - part one

Hooray! The first part of my new serial for Woman's Weekly is out this week!

Written on the Wind is about Annie Farrow - an artist who makes beautiful, stylised mobiles. Her dream is to create larger installations whilst supporting herself with her artwork, but this seems unlikely until her great aunt leaves her a house on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors.

However, Annie discovers that the wild seclusion of Moor End House doesn't quite provide the uncomplicated lifestyle that she'd thought it would.

Issue is March 6th 2012 - on sale 1st March!

(And yes that IS David Essex on the cover)


J. Fishler said...

Wow, Jan! Have already commented on twitter, but besides the fact(s) I love the title and think you're amazing, I also love the premise!

Congratulations - is exciting!!

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Jen :)

[I'm not amazing]

Unknown said...

You are amazing! Sounds fabulous Jan. Will try and get my hands on a copy when I fly back on Thursday.

Jan Jones said...

Hope you enjoy it, Liz :)

Pat Posner said...

Great first episode, Jan. Love the title and the setting, too.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Pat. Glad you liked it :)