Monday 3 December 2007

The perils of forgetfulnes


Never, repeat never, forget to take your reading glasses with you to the library when you want to do some research.

I have just written an entire strand of of my only-two-chapters-to-go-until-I-reach-the-end Regency based on the assumption that Lady Jersey owned racehorses.


The tiny black abbreviation Ld stands for Lord not Lady.

LORD Jersey owned racehorses. Lord Jersey who wouldn't in a million years have inveigled my hero into investigating a tiny matter of race-fixing.

No prizes at all for what I'm thinking right now.


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Jan. Can someone else own the racehorses but Lady Jersey would be involved in some way (say a different relative)? Could you have a bluestocking racehorse owner?

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Kate. I might just have her getting aggrieved on behalf of her dh :)

Hopefully, knowing that it's now a problem, my brain will mull solutions over in the background while I get on with finishing the damn thing.

The first draft is always too complicated anyway (she says, sighing).

Nicola Slade said...

Grrr, how irritating.
How about some unscrupulous person using Lady Jersey's ID? Writing little notes to your hero and signing them from her ladyship?

I wanted to have a Victorian chappie flourishing Dundreary whiskers but they weren't mentioned till late 1858 - and I needed them in summer of that year. Couple of months might not matter that much, but I'd know!

Jan Jones said...

Maybe he was a trend-setter? Lots of fashions start out by accident before being mentioned specifically.