Friday, 9 October 2009

Heart of the Volcano and butterscotch chocolate

Ages (ie more than a couple of days) ago I won a download of fellow RNA member Imogen Howson's book Heart of the Volcano - which, incidentally, is a really, really good read.

Today I came home cold and snappy from shopping (why do they always run out of things I want on a Friday?) to find the second half of the prize, which I had totally forgotten about!

Normally I'm a restrained Maya-Gold-two-squares-a-day girl, but Immi, I just want you to know that that was the most more-ish chocolate I've ever eaten in my life. Witness the photo.

I now feel warm, in love with the world, and just very slightly sick.


Unknown said...

Ha, look at that. So glad you enjoyed it! The Maya Gold is lovely, too, isn't it?

Kate Hardy said...

The almond one is nice, too. And the ginger one. (But the butterscotch is my fave. Nice melted as a sauce for ice cream. Not that it often gets to that stage...)

Jo said...

I don't like Maya Gold, but love the Butterscotch (which will always remind me of sitting on the sofa in a beautiful house in Muasdale, Kintyre, reading and munching away), the Almond and Hazlenut and Raisin. Try not to buy any at all, though!

Karen said...

Normally two-squares a day? What's wrong with you woman??

I could eat two bars of the butterscotch stuff without batting an eyelid (and have done, as my hips will testify!)

Jane Odiwe said...

So glad you enjoyed your chocolate! I'm going through a chocolate drinking phase at the moment. It has to be Charbonnel and Walker, just made with water in the Georgian way, so it's quite rich. I sometimes add a dash of chilli. Yummy!