Thursday, 8 October 2009

National Poetry Day: Heroes and Heroines

Okay, so today is National Poetry Day. Now, I have published several of my poems - some sensible, some silly - on this blog, but none of them are particularly heroic. This is a problem since this year's theme is "Heroes and Heroines".

That being so, who better as the subject for today's poem than the doctor who always makes me feel better? Enjoy!

(PS - this is one of my sillier poems. Don't go expecting a prize-winning epic)

For Them All ... but especially Blake’s 7 and you know Who
by Jan Jones

Everyone needs to suspend disbelief
How else do children grow?
Everyone needs a fantasy land

Action grand
A heroic band
How else can we create bricks out of sand?
How else make bread out of dough?

Everyone needs a family time
That half-hour in front of the box
Everyone needs to escape for a while
Exchanging a smile
Steal the enemy's phial
Everyone needs to be part of the guile
Ignoring the ticking of clocks.


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Love your poem, and the photos, although the second one takes me back a bit.

Jan Jones said...

Those were the days, eh, Debs? They don't write 'em like that any more.

Kate Hardy said...

I'm with Debs. Great poem, great pics. And I remember Blake's 7. (Now, do I confess to having a crush on Avon? ... see, even then I went for nerdy heroes.)

Jan Jones said...

Me too, Kate. Me too. And I found a wonderful pic of him that I'm keeping all to myself at the moment.

Nicola Slade said...

Avon was gorgeous and I was devastated to see David Walliams being sick on him in Little Britain. 'Twasn't the vomiting, it was that Avon isn't quite the same any more. But such a sexy voice...

Jan Jones said...

s'all right, Nicky. Our Avon still exists timeless and gorgeous. It's just a fast-forward paradox thing that makes people look occasionally older. Nothing to worry about.