Friday, 11 December 2009

RNACambs Christmas Lunch

Lovely RNACambridge Christmas lunch on Wednesday, with a whole bunch of talented mates, food, wine and a Secret Santa as well. I had every intention of taking photos, but then I got so involved with the million conversations all going on at once that I, er, forgot. So no pic of us in all our finery, I'm afraid. Or the beautifully wrapped pile of Secret Santa pressies. Sorry.

I did photograph the food though. My Xmas dinner at the top ... and Kate's Christmas-Vegetable-Omelette at the bottom. Look at it: carrots, parsnips, sprouts, the lot! Definitely not something you see every day.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I'm on a diet and have hardly eaten any tea this evening, so those picture have started my tummy rumbling. What a lovely lunch.


Jan Jones said...

Oh dear, sorry about that, Suzanne. It was lovely, though. Maybe if you drink lots of tea and look at food pictures for long enough, your body might be fooled into thinking it's been fed.

No, you're right. It doesn't work for me either.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Those meals look so tasty, glad you had a fab time.

Jayne said...

Mmmmmmm now that's an omelette and a half!!! I'm terrible at remembering to take photos too...difficult one as it can stop a conversation at the time but you always regret not having done it afterwards!