Friday, 3 December 2010

Gone visiting again!

I've gone visiting again. Fortunately this did not involve putting on coat, boots, gloves, scarf and woolly hat because today I have been Norm-ed from the comfort of my own PC.

In other words, Norm Geras asks me some questions...


Karen said...

Fascinating interview - I don't know how you fit everything in. I wanted to leave a comment there but couldn't find the button.

I don't think you'd like being a librarian right now though - jobs are seriously at risk!

Jan Jones said...

Hi Karen, glad you liked it and no, I couldn't see a comments button either.

And probably ALL jobs are at risk right now. You hang on to yours - the world needs good librarians.

Kate Johnson said...

Blimey Jan, is that your current snow situation? I think I live in the only place in Britain with less than an inch of the stuff (and it's all gone now!).

Jan Jones said...

Ha! No, K8, that was last year's photo. We don't have a lot here. Couple of inches, that's all.