Wednesday 1 December 2010

Penny Grubb - The Doll Makers

It takes a very talented person to hold a book launch in London on the snowiest day of the year and coinciding with a tube strike.

Fortunately, my Hale stable-mate Penny Grubb is also a talented writer, so there were plenty of people who turned up at the stunning Author's House (ALCS HQ) to celebrate the launch of her second crime novel The Doll Makers - including a colour-coordinated contingent from Robert Hale Books.

Ruby, Paola, Penny Grubb,  Nikki, Jan (me!)

Cracking book, Penny!


Julie Cohen said...

It looks like fun, but may I also say, you look FAB in those jeans!!!

Jan Jones said...

Bless you, my dear. I'd already decided that with possibly having to walk across London, I wouldn't be wearing heels and a skirt, but they are my posh jeans.

And fortunately, you can't see the trainers...

Penny Grubb said...

Thanks, Jan, for getting there despite the hurdles I managed to put in everyone's way, and also for taking photos and blogging them.
Hope you had a good journey back.

Jan Jones said...

It was fun! Got back fine.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Good luck to Penny, I love the cover of her book.

Did you all arrange to wear matching colours?

Beth Elliott said...

What with the glowing smiles and the cheerful red tops, you make me wish I could have been there. It looks such a jolly event.

Jan Jones said...

Hi, Debs - no, totally serendipitous! I think on a cold day, bright colours make you feel warmer!

Beth - it was great fun.