Friday, 30 December 2011

A Sense of Perspective

This was my birthday loot - gorgeous, eh? A whacking great crate of booze.

Except it isn't, of course. When seen in perspective, it is an elegant small crate of liqueur chocolates.

Which made me think - there are times when everything happens at once. I feel a bit off-colour, perhaps, or a piece of writing has taken longer than I expected, and all of a sudden the small jobs are all bumping into each other and spilling off the To Do list and events seem to spiral out of control.

But today I heard some grim news about a friend that made all my clicketty, fidgetty worries fall silent.

So this year I'm going to keep things in perspective. I'm going to widen my field of vision and decide what is important at any one time.

And I'll start with a liqueur chocolate, that pencil and the next scene in the serial-in-progress.

Happy balancing act to you all.


Judy Astley said...

Beautifully put, Jan. I've been thinking about her too. So sad and so 'wrong'.

Liz Fielding said...

Touching post, Jan. I think we're all suffering the same sense of shock and sadness. Makes the nagging irritations of life seem very small.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Judy and Liz. One feels so helpless.

Kate Hardy said...

Yep - absolutely, Jan. Thank you for giving us a sense of perspective, too.

Happy new year, and happy balancing act xx

montyandrosie said...

You are so right, Jan. As ever. Hugs to you.

Rebecca Leith said...

It's given me a sense of perspective too. I'm going to make sure I get to see friends and not just talk about it.